Madrid, Leon


León Madrid, M.Sc, is a Senior Instructor in the CSE Department in College of Engineering at Ohio State University. He received her B.S. in Electronic Engineering at U.P.B. and M. Sc. in Computer Architecture at Ohio State University.  At Ohio State, he has taught Enterprise architecture, database systems, computer architecture, information security, data structures and programming languages in a variety of courses to both undergraduates and professional students.

He works with CSE Master students and the clinical faculty group developing industry collaboration projects related to software engineering, translational data analytics applications, and mobile applications.

Outside of the classroom, he has been +15 years an international consultant for multiple companies in Latinoamerica developing enterprise, system, IT and security transformation projects. He has ample experience in IT operations and has worked also in multiples universities in LA. He is an entrepreneur and run his own consulting practice and have assisted many businesses as well as non-profit foundations. In addition to working with technology, he also works as a volunteer and has interest in humanitarian engineering.


Enterprise and Technology architecture

Software engineering

Database systems

IT management

Real time systems