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Richard Parent

  • Faculty Emeritus, Computer Science & Engineering
  • 395 Dreese Laboratories
    2015 Neil Ave
    Columbus, OH 43210

Papers in Proceedings


  • B. Schroeder, M. Ainger and R. Parent, "A Physically Based Sound Space for Procedural Agents." in NIME 2011. (5 2011).
  • B. Schroeder, M. Ainger and R. Parent ""The Visible String, a Direct Audiovisual Model"." in International Computer Music Conference. (8 2011).


  • B. Schroeder, M. Ainger, R. Parent ""An Audiovision Workspace for Physcial Models"." in Sound and Music Computing Conference,. (7 2010).
  • D. Cao, R. Parent "Electrostatic Dynamics Interaction for Cloth." in The 3rd ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition?on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia. (12 2010).
  • B. Schroeder, M. Ainger, R. Parent, ""New Languages for Physical Modeling Synthesis"." in International Computer Music Conference (ICMC2010). (6 2010).