Soundarajan, Neelam


  1. My primary areas of interest are Software Engineering and Programming Languages with a focus on formal reasoning about the correctness of programs.
  2. A second area of interest is Computer Science education and, more broadly, STEM education including at the high-school level. Recently, I have become interested in the potential of video games to dramatically improve the quality of STEM education.
  3. I am also interested in approaches to assessment and program improvement of Computer Science programs. Over the last several years, I have served as a program evaluator (PEV) as well as a Team Chair (TC) for the ABET/CAC evaluation of a number of Computer Science programs.
  4. As the past chair of the CSE Department's Undergraduate Studies Committee, I was primarily responsible for overseeing the successful accreditation evaluation of the BS-CSE program over several cycles.


  1. Software engineering and programming languages
  2. Innovative approaches to STEM education
  3. Accreditation and assessment of Computer Science programs