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Yang Wang

  • Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
  • 689 Dreese Laboratories
    2015 Neil Ave
    Columbus, OH 43210
  • 614-292-2577

Journal Articles


  • Wu, C.; Zhang, G.; Wang, Y.; Jiang, X. et al., 2018, "Redio: Accelerating Disk-based Graph Processing by Reducing Disk I/Os." IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTERS

Papers in Proceedings


  • Chen, Y.; Lu, Y.; Yang, F.; Wang, Q. et al. "FlatStore: an Efficient Log-Structured Key-Value Storage Engine for Persistent Memory." in ASPLOS '20. (3 2020).


  • Jin, P.; Guo, J.; Xiao, Y.; Shi, R. et al. "PostMan: Rapidly Mitigating Bursty Traffic by Offloading Packet Processing.." in USENIX ATC 2019. (7 2019).
  • Wang, Z.; Zhang, G.; Wang, Y.; Yang, Q. et al. "Dayu: Fast and Low-interference Data Recovery in Very-large Storage Systems." in USENIX ATC 2019. (7 2019).
  • Kang, D.; Patel, V.; Nair, A.; Blanas, S. et al. "Henosis: Workload-driven small array consolidation and placement for HDF5 applications on heterogeneous data stores." in ACM International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS) 2019. (6 2019).


  • Ma, S.; Wang, Y. "Accurate Timeout Detection Despite Arbitrary Processing Delays." in USENIX ATC 2018. (7 2018).
  • Zhou, F.; Gan, Y.; Ma, S.; Wang, Y. "wPerf: Generic Off-CPU Analysis to Identify Critical Waiting Events." in OSDI 2018. (10 2018).


  • Shi, R.; Wang, Y. "Cheap and Available State Machine Replication." in USENIX ATC 2016. (6 2016).


  • Xie, C.; Su, C.; Littley, C.; Alvisi, L. et al. "High-Performance ACID via Modular Concurrency Control." in SOSP 2015. (10 2015).