Zhang, Xueru


I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the Ohio State University. My research focuses on the societal aspects of machine learning and algorithmic decision-making. I aim to understand the societal implications of machine learning and develop learning systems that are aligned with social norms and reliable in dynamic environments. The research topics of my recent works are (1) Trustworthy machine learning (e.g., fairness, privacy, security, robustness, interpretability); (2) Learning in uncertain and dynamic environments (e.g., strategic classification, out-of-distribution generalization); (3) Learning from distributed agents (e.g., federated learning).


Recruitment Information:  I am always looking for highly motivated PhD students! Please check out my personal website for details. 



Machine Learning, Algorithmic Fairness, Privacy, Sequential Decision Making, Distributed Learning, Security Economics