Prerequisites for Consideration for Admission into the Graduate Program

All applicants are assumed to hold at least an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, or to have completed the following prerequisite coursework.

  • Mathematics, including Calculus and Discrete Mathematical Structures (at OSU, the calculus courses are Math 1151, 1172). Most of our incoming graduates will have considerably more mathematical background, including courses like Probability and Statistics, and Linear Algebra.
  • Two introductory courses in Computer Programming (at OSU, the courses are CSE 2221, 2231; if you have already taken an introductory programming course at OSU or elsewhere, you should talk to the CSE 2221 and 2231 coordinators, or the CSE grad admissions committee chair, about having satisfied this requirement;
  • Courses in Computing Foundations (data structures, algorithms, discrete structures) (at OSU, the courses are CSE 2321 and 2331)
  • Course in Systems Programming (CSE 2421, 2431)
  • Courses in Systems Architecture (CSE 3421)
  • A course in Formal Language/Programming Language (CSE 3321/3341)

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