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BS CSE: Prerequisites for Admission to the CSE Major

The current prerequisites for admission to the CSE major are:

  • Completion of Engr 1100.xx (or equivalent Survey course)
  • Completion of CSE 2221
  • Completion of Math 1151
  • Completion of Physics 1250
  • Completion of Engr 1181, 1182
  • Completion of English 1110.xx
  • At least 15 credit hours earned at Ohio State.
  • A CPHR* and a MPHR** that are adjusted once each year. Currently the requirements are as follows:
    • CPHR is 3.2 or higher and MPHR is 2.0 or higher OR
    • CPHR is 3.0 to 3.199 and MPHR is 3.2 or higher after taking CSE 2221, 2231, and 2321.

*CPHR = Cumulative Point Hour Ratio. This is the point hour ratio (or GPA) you have earned at OSU. 

**MPHR = Major Point Hour Ratio. This is the point hour ratio (or GPA) for all CSE courses 2221 and higher taken at OSU.  

If you have met these requirements, or will meet them this term, please fill out an application here.