Types of Accounts

Persistent Accounts
Persistent accounts are maintained for CSE faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate majors for as long as they are affiliated with the department.
Class Accounts
Class accounts are maintained for non-major student registered for CSE course(s) for the duration of the quarter in which they are enrolled.
Guest/Collaborator Accounts
Faculty may request accounts for individuals not affiliated with the department or OSU.
The first step is to have University Guest accounts created. This requires two faculty members who will sponsor the account and take responsibility for the actions of the guest user. If the guest has a prior affiliation with the University and has had a name.n account assigned in the past we will need that. They the guest does not have a name.n we will need their date of birth and a non-OSU email account. University Guest accounts are active for one year and can be renewed annually.
Once the University Guest account is created and activated we can give it access to CSE resources. These accounts are reviewed on an annual basis.
Event Accounts
Event accounts are created for specific functions (i.e. seminars), and have a limited life span. Technical requirements for these account should be provided by the event organizer at least one month prior to the event.

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