Course Coordinators


Coordinator Number Course Title
Mallon 1110 Introduction to Computing Technology
Grimme 1111 Introduction to Computer-Assisted Problem Solving
non-cse 1221 Introduction to Computer Programming in MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists
Zaccai 1222

Introduction to Computer Programming in C++ for Engineers and Scientists

Atiq 1223 Introduction to Computer Programming in Java
Fritz 1224 Introduction to Computer Programming in Python
Kline 2111 Modeling and Problem Solving with Spreadsheets and Databases
Mallon 2112 Modeling and Problem Solving with Spreadsheets and Databases
Zaccai 2122 Data Structures Using C++
Morris 2123 Data Structures Using Java
Reeves 2133 Business Programming with File Processing
Bucci 2221/5022 Software I: Software Components
Bucci 2231/5032 Software II: Software Development and Design
Hatami 2321/5032 Foundations I: Discrete Structures
Painter 2331/5331 Foundations II: Data Structures and Algorithms
Jones 2421/5042 Systems I: Introduction to Low-Level Programming and Computer Organization
WangY 2431/5431 Systems II: Introduction to Operating Systems
WangY 2451 Advanced C Programming
Zweben 2501/5501 Social, Ethical, and Professional Issues in Computing
Ramnath 3231/5231 Software Engineering Techniques
Bihari 3232/5232 Software Requirements Analysis
Pichkar 3241/5241 Introduction to Database Systems
Stewart 3244 Data Management in the Cloud
Close 3321/5321 Automata and Formal Languages
Bond 3341/5341 Principles of Programming Languages
Zhang 3421/5421 Introduction to Computer Architecture
Green 3430/5043 Overview of Computer Systems For Non-Majors
Athreya 3461/5461 Computer Networking and Internet Technologies
Chao 3521/5521 Survey of Artificial Intelligence I: Basic Techniques
Boggus 3541/5541 Computer Game and Animation Techniques
Sivilotti 3901 Project: Design, Development, and Documentation of Web Applications
Boggus 3902 Project: Design, Development, and Documentation of Interactive Systems
Sivilotti 3903 Project: Design, Development, and Documentation of Interactive Systems
Strader 4191 Professional Practice in Industry
Teodorescu 4251 The UNIX Programming Environment
Zaccai 4252 Programming in C++
Crawfis 4253 Programming in C#
Fritz 4256 Programming in Python
Lin 4471 Information Security
Davis 5052 Survey of Artificial Intelligence for Non-Majors
Ramnath 5234 Distributed Enterprise Computing
Ramnath 5235 Applied Enterprise Architectures and Services
Ramnath 5236 Mobile Application Development
Blanas 5242 Advanced Database Management Systems
Parthasarathy 5243 Introduction to Data Mining
Parthasarathy 5245 Introduction to Network Science
Rountev 5343 Compiler Design and Implementation
Lai 5351 Introduction to Cryptography
Painter 5361 Numerical Methods
Xuan 5432 Mobile Handset Systems and Networking
Qin 5433 Operating Systems Laboratory
Subramoni 5441 Introduction to Parallel Computing
Ogle 5462 Network Programming
Shroff 5463 Introduction to Wireless Networking
Lin 5472 Information Security Projects
Lin 5473 Network Security
Bassily 5523 Machine Learning and Statistical Pattern Recognition
Davis 5524 Computer Vision for Human-Computer Interaction
Sun 5525 Foundations of Speech and Language Processing
WangD 5526 Introduction to Neural Networks
non-CSE 5531 Introduction to Cognitive Science
Shen 5542 Real-Time Rendering
Wenger 5543 Geometric Modeling
Shen 5544 Introduction to Data Visualization
Machiraju 5545 Advanced Computer Graphics
Chen 5546 Virtual Reality
Choi  5821 Legal Topics for Computer Engineers
non-CSE 5891 Proseminar in Cognitive Science
Armstrong 5911 Capstone Design: Software Applications
Crawfis 5912 Capstone Design: Game Design and Development
TBD 5913 Capstone Design: Computer Animation
Fosler-Lussier 5914 Capstone Design: Knowledge-Based Systems
Armstrong 5915 Capstone Design: Information Systems
Rountev 6231 Formal Foundations of Software Engineering
Hatami 6321 Computability and Complexity
Lai 6331 Algorithms
Arora 6333 Distributed Algorithms
Rountev 6341 Foundations of Programming Languages
Teodorescu 6421 Computer Architecture
Panda 6422 Advanced Computer Architecture
Qin 6431 Advanced Operating Systems
Panda 6441 Parallel Computing
Shroff 6461 Computer Communication Networks
Su 6521 Artificial Intelligence


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