Alexa Prize SimBot Challenge

Posted: March 24, 2022

Ten university teams that have been selected to participate in the live interactions phase of the Alexa Prize SimBot Challenge. The competition, which was launched in October 2021, is focused on helping advance development of next-generation virtual assistants that will assist humans in completing real-world tasks by harnessing generalizable AI methodologies such as continuous learning, teachable AI, multimodal understanding, and reasoning. Alexa Prize SimBot Challenge. A team of OSU students led by Prof. Yu Su was selected as one of eight teams worldwide to participate in the Amazon Alexa Prize Simbot challenge. It comes with a $250,000 grant and the winning team will get a $500,000 prize. 

The SimBot Challenge is split into two phases: A public benchmark phase and a live interactions phase. Participants in both phases will build machine-learning models for natural language understanding, human-robot interaction, and robotic task completion. Unlike previous Alexa Prize competitions, the public benchmark challenge phase will be open not only to teams of university students, but also to individuals in academia and industry interested in advancing the science of AI and engaging top researchers from around the globe.

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The SalsaBot team from computer science and engineering are lead by Prof. Yu Su. Just as the name says, the team strives to build a robot that is great companion to everything and everyone. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies from natural language processing, computer vision, and human-machine interaction, SalsaBot will assist humans to achieve more while also continuously improving itself along the way.

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